AHDB Cotswold Visit February 2024
February 26, 2024

We took a farming group from the IOW to discover how a Costwold arable farmer makes regenerative farming pay. The tour formed part of a wider collaboration between AHDB and the Wight Rural Hub. Ed Horton spoke at a Wight Rural Hub meeting in 2023, which inspired the group to head to his farm (Poulton Fields farm) to learn more about his regenerative journey. The second stop was at FarmEd for discussion and a delicious lunch. The group also had a tour of Matthews Cotswolds Flour MiIl in operation to show the group how grain, from farms like Ed’s, ends up in bags of artisan flour, which include a ‘first-of-its-kind’ product: Cotswold Regenerative All-Purpose Flour. Read the full article on AHDB’s blog now up on their website: https://ahdb.org.uk/news/the-regenerative-arable-journey-with-savings-and-premiums

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