Dates for Your Diary : April 2023
March 22, 2023

April 2023

Farming Key Dates Reminder – England

31st March
  • If you hold a water abstraction licence, expect to receive your annual bill (or first part charge if you hold a two-part tariff agreement) for the forthcoming financial year. (GAEC 2)

1st April

  • You must not burn heather, rough grass, bracken, gorse or vaccinium on land, other than in upland areas, from this date. (GAEC 6)
  • If you hold a winter or all year round water abstraction licence (authorising abstraction outside the period April to October), the Environment Agency will make actual abstraction return forms available to you from 1 April. You then have 28 days to send your readings to the Environment Agency. (GAEC 2)

4th April

  • Closing date for Farming Equipment & Technology Fun (FETF) : Productivity & Slurry

16th April

  • You must not burn heather, rough grass, bracken, gorse or vaccinium in upland areas from this date. (GAEC 6)

30th April

  • You must have recorded the number of ‘specified’ livestock kept on your farm during the previous calendar year and calculated the amount of nitrogen they produced. You must also record the number and type of livestock in a building or hardstanding during the previous storage period. (SMR 1)

1st May

  • You must not carry out hedge or tree coppicing or hedge laying from this date. (GAEC7a and 7c)

15th May

  • Deadline for claims on Basic Payment Scheme and Stewardship


Event Dates Reminder

27th March    :    NFU BPS Virtual Meeting : Drop-in for those unable to access meeting  –  1pm at Natural Enterprise Office, Shide

30th March    :    Future Farm Resilience Seminar & Supper Series : Soil Health & Nutrient Management  –  6.30pm at Harvey Browns, Horringford

6th April    :    Green, Roberts & Butler Meeting  :  Animal Health & Welfare Pathway  –  7pm at Porchfield Cricket Club, Colemans Lane

17th April    :   IOW AONB & Southern Water Meeting  :  Cultivations & Crop Establishment Techniques   –  8.30am at Chequers Inn, Rookley – RSVP

27th April   :   Future Farm Resilience Seminar & Supper : Theory of SFI in Practice   –   6.30pm at The Chequers Inn, Rookley


Upcoming events

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