Grants Update : Spring 2023
March 5, 2023

In 2023 more than £168 million will be available to farmers through grants and schemes.  In the latest Defra blog an update of the latest grants has been provided. We have summarised that into the table here ;

There are a number of further grants expected in 2023 to include;

  • Grants to support Animal Health & Welfare ; as part of the Animal Health & Welfare Pathway, there will be a number of grants and support options available to support farmers in achieving higher animal health & welfare.
    • Grants for equipment & technology through the Farming Equipment & Technology Fund available in March 2023. Minimum grants of £1,000 up to a maximum of £25,000.  The full list of available items is now available
    • Grants to support cattle housing through infrastructure grants.  Initial grants will co-fund new and upgrades to calf housing, to be available in Summer 2023
    • Further infrastructure grants are expected to support improvements to pig and poultry housing later in 2023
  • Grants to support Slurry Infrastructure ; to support the improvement of expansion of slurry storage capacity.  The first round was closed in January and a further round is expected later this year
  • Grants to support Water Management ; for capital items to support the construction of on-farm reservoirs & adoption of best practice irrigation application equipment. Grants are expected to be available in Spring 2023

For more links and detail take a look at the Defra Blog article here for more details….

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