Last Call for Slurry Infrastructure Grant Round 1 Applications
January 30, 2023

Round 1 of Defra’s Slurry Infrastructure Grant is open for applications until 31 January 2023. This grant will support improvements or expansion of existing slurry storage capacity to 6 months, to improve the use of organic nutrients on farms and reduce pollution. Any works must also include fitting an impermeable cover to the store, unless you are installing a slurry bag.

As part of stage 1, to assess interest and applications you must use an online checker, which requires you have a good understanding of your current and future slurry storage requirements, and can be found here. To be eligible to apply, with grants of between £25,000 to £250,000, applicants must:

  • be a dairy, beef or pig farmer (land owning or tenant)
  • have an existing slurry system
  • have a slurry store in England

To assist you in working out your current slurry needs the AHDB have provided a “slurry wizard”, which can be found here. Be mindful of accounting for all sources of slurry when making these calculations. Subject to the volume of applications, assessment will be made based on the greatest environmental benefit and the value that it delivers in exchange for public money, based on if the farm holding is:

  • within the Grants Priority area
  • within the highest priority areas for water
  • a site where air quality is at most risk of damage by ammonia/nitrogen deposition

After assessment, the RPA will update applicants if their project is shortlisted or not. This initial submission is an expression of interest and those accepted will be invited to make a full application under Stage 2, which must be submitted by 28 June 2024.

If you are offered a grant, which will be paid in arrears, you can make a maximum of 3 claims over the duration of the project, and the equipment must be in place / working order for 5 years from completion.

This is an opportunity to update or install equipment to bring farming practice in line with the current legislation, and ensure best use of nutrients on farm.

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