Industry Careers Action Plan Round Table Event (Agriculture and Horticulture)

07 November 2023 • 14:00 – 16:00

Full Agenda

Item 1 – 2.00pm


Introduction to the event by ICAP Chair – Richard Longthorp (Chair of ICAP)
Item 2 – 2.10pm Input from TIAH by Ruthie Peterson, Careers Manager

What is The Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture, why was it set up and what is its role in careers in agriculture and horticulture?

Item 3 – 2.15pm 5-minute summary pieces from a range of Industry Careers Action Plan members (Either function or research-based inputs –

3a – Lantra, Corrina Urquhart (Director of External Relations)

3b – National Federation of Young Farmers, Sarah Palmer (Agriculture and Rural Issues Manager)

3c – National Farmers Union, Tom Price (Employment and Skills Policy Advisor)

Those not speaking here will have had their roles in agriculture and horticulture careers briefly described during item 2.

Item 4 – 2.30pm New entrant career case study – Recorded interview with Dearbhla Connell, recent graduate from Harper Adams University
Item 5 – 2.35pm Local Enterprise Partnership – Effie Warick-John (UK Food Valley Programme Manager) and Lee Douglas, (Strategic Careers Hub Lead) of Greater Lincolnshire on the LEPs role in careers currently, what their LEPs plans are for the future and any resources/opportunities they would like to see come online
Item 6 – 2.40pm Agriculture and Horticulture Societies – Sam Smith (Education Officer) of the National Fruit Show discussing the role of the societies in careers from NFS standpoint
Item 7 – 2.45pm Local enterprise partnerships and industry – Greg Smith, consultant, advisor, and member of New Anglia LEP’s Agrifood Council describing his experience of how the LEPs and industry have worked together to promote and progress careers in the industry
Item 8 – 2.50pm Career and Enterprise Company – Isobel Plant (Business Partnerships Manager) – On the role of the CEC
BREAK OUT rooms sector of event – Mini summing up and Intro to breakout room
Item 9 – 3pm Breakout sessions on

Breakout 1 – RESOURCES

  1. Have you made use of resources, organisations or opportunities promoting/relating to agriculture and horticulture that has not been mentioned so far today. If so, could you briefly tell the group about it?
  2. Are there any opportunities/resources that you believe to be missing from the careers offering across agriculture and horticulture? If so, what are they and who do you believe is best placed to deliver them?

Breakout 2 – Work experience, are we getting it right?

  1. Another focus of the ICAP is work experience in the industry. Would anyone like to share any examples of good practice or their thoughts on making best use of WEX in the future?
  2. How would delegates feel about virtual WEX that specifically addresses Gatsby 4 (tasks Linking curriculum learning to careers), 5. (Encounters with employers and employees) and 6. (Experiences of workplaces)?
Item 10 – 3.45 Stephen Jacob TIAH CEO – Summing up and final remarks